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This game help players to memorize notes on the fret-board. Players don't even need to own or have a guitar to play this game.

If you spend like to minutes aday playing this game, in a bout amonth.

I believe you are going to be able to identify most of the notes on the open position up to 12th frets on all six strings, maybe beyon up to the 21st fret.
It is awesome to know where the note is on the fret-board as you are trying to sight reading, it makes it much easier to achieve to learn a new song when sight reading the music.
Most of beginners having this issue and they got discourage, frustratration.

So this game will help you so much as the beginner, matter of fact most players out there do not know most of the notes on the fret-board.

Watch below video so you know how to play this game

Name the note where the yellow circle located
If you answer is 'wrong'  ---- It keep asking the same question until you get it right.
Imagine how awesome it is when you learn sight reading without worrying about where are the notes on the fretboard


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