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The 29 types of Modes in 12 keys. 

We first learning the most popular Modes such as the 7 majors modes created by the C major scale. 

Ionian / Mode I  ---  Dorian / Mode II  ---  Phrygian / Mode III  ---  Lydian / Mode IV  ---  Mixolydian / Mode V  ---  Aeolian / Mode VI  ---  Locrian / ModeVII

Then we explore the others 






Left column displays the fret-board with high E or 1st string on top

Right column displays the fret-board with low E or 6th string on top 'bird eyes view'

All scale lessons are displayed with ' notes - fringering - degrees - intervals '

Visitors are only able to view lessons in the key of C.

You can purchase the complete scale module which is stored on a USB Copy-Right protected. Licenced buyers can only print  any file to a printer.

You will not able to: Copy, Edit, Rename, Modify, or Delete files

Modes - Arpeggios - 2400 chords Photos & Tab modules are also available

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