The 47 types of Scales in 12 keys. 

We first learning the most popular scales such as the major, minor, harmonic minor, melodic minor, pentatonic major, pentatonic minor, blues major, blues minor and so on.
Then we explore the foreigns and exotics scales






Left column displays the fret-board with high E or 1st string on top

Right column displays the fret-board with low E or 6th string on top 'bird eyes view'

All scale lessons are displayed with ' notes - fringering - degrees - intervals '

Visitors are only able to view lessons in the key of C and C# and Db. So there are 392 images of tabs for these 3 keys alone. 

A complete scales module for the 47 types of scales '7 natural keys, and 5 sharps and five flats keys' = 3332 images-tabs.

You can purchase the complete scales module which is stored on a USB Copy-Right protected. Licenced buyers can only print  any file to a printer.

You will not be able to: Copy, Edit, Rename, Modify, or Delete files

Modes - Arpeggios - 2400 chords Photos & Tab modules are also available in for purchase

I have the 4 modules ' scales, Arpeggios, Modes and Chrods ' hanging on my living room walls, smaller display on my desk, people are loving what I have

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