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Arpeggios's Construction in 12 key - By guitarelements

guitarelements feature as below:

  • 14 type of Arpeggios's in 12 keys.
  • 22 type of Chords in 12 keys - Accompany with 2400 Chord Photos.
  • 26 type of Modes in 12 keys.
  • 45 type of Scales in 12 Keys.

Scales - Modes - Arpeggios's Lessons are arranged for each key in Five Individual Pattern or Positions or Shapes.
Follow with the Cage System for each key.

Players can select display to switch by a click of the mouse to switch bettwen "Notations - Fingering - Degrees - Intervals".

An awesome feature to help players to study scales in depth.

guitarelements arranges Arpeggios's lessons  in Three Octaves which give a much fuller sounds, as players can start with the lowest reach able note to the highest reachable note.

Arpeggios is nothing new but jus as you playing scale, you played every single steps or degrees of the scales.

When playing Arpeggio's you only play any others steps or degrees of the scale. 

The most essetial tone and important tone is the Root or the Tonic. It is refer to the 1st.
Then you skip the next tone or degree.

You play the next tone or step or degree of the scale - so it would be the 3rd
Then you skip the next step or tone or degree of the scale.

Then you play the next tone or degree or note - so it would be the 5th

here is an example. 

The C major scale steps are: C D E F G A B C - complete one octave range from C to C

  • The 1st - the Root or Tonic - C - The most important note.
  • The 3rd - E
  • The 5th - G

guitarelements prefer to add the 7th to get fuller and more flavor sound - So we play the 7th step or degree - it would be the note B