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The Hungarian Gypsy Scale In 12 Keys.wmv
This is the Hungarian Gypsy Scale Construction in 12 Keys. Formula a Half steps at ( 2nd & 3rd --- 4th & 5th --- 5th & 6th) - Also there is A Whole-half step at "3rd & 4th" ---- We leave out the D# - Eb ------------ F# - Gb --------------- G# -Ab -------------------- A# - Bb ---- for you to figure out even thought it is hard because the accidentals (sharps & flats) may confuse you - But if you take your time view this lesson video and practice it every day for a few minutes eventually you will get it down pack in your head. You then apply what you learn physically on the guitar. Pay attention where is the Root/Tonic locate at ( what strings and fret number) - also pay attention on the fingering number to use for each notes and the name of each notes - it may take sometime but it is worthy to do so. Play slow, load and clear, better yet practice with a metronome at the speed that comfortable for you to make less mistake.
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The Hungarian Gypsy Scale In 12 Keys.wmv