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Welcome to guitarelements - The Ultimate Guitar Lessons Training and Technique

   Guitar Lessons at Its Best !

     Complete Guitar Scales, Modes, Arpeggios in 12 key tones system.

      Lessons are displayed in 5 patterns / positions individually, follow by the Cage System which cover the entire fretboard.
      Lessons are arranged in 3 Octaves Range which produce much fuller and richer sound versa one octave.
      2400 Chord positions accompany by 2400 Chord Photos.
      Lessons are displayed by Flash which offer awesome features while "video lessons" unable to perform such as:
     Adjust Tempo in realtime "you don't need to re-load & restart lesson for difference tempo setting. ". You can't do this with Video format.
     Awesome Tabs display style - Switchable displayed between "Fingering - Notes - Degree - Interval" by a mouse click.
     Click and see overview how to use >>> Player's Lessons Navigation Links Control Panel

     Complete Basic Music Theory & Quizs written for guitar players specifically.

     Fretboard Wizard liked video game, which helps beginner students to remember all notes on the fretboard in record time.
     Players don't even need to have or own a guitar to learn it.

     We believe that training the brain is very essential. The brain teaches the fingers how to play the guitar not the other way around.
     It takes time to master anything we learned, not only learn to play guitar.

     How long it will take you to learn & master the A minor Scale Cage System ?
     Now you have an idea how long it takes you to master the guitar or to be a great guitarist.

     Be patient, some people may have capabilities to learn faster than others, but we all can learn.
     See for yourself - See guitarelements teaching Scales, Modes, Arpeggios and Chords - Seeing is Believing.

                  The Franken Strat Guitar Synthensizer with Slide Build in - Avialble to the consumers in the very near future

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